An invitation to rakushikan

For more than 1500 years,the essence of Japanese culture has been fhanded down through the simple medium of arts and letters-is both a gift from nature and an expression of the creativity of man.Nowhere more then Kyoto,for ten centuries the imperial capital of japan,does paper reflect the originality,skill,and spirit of fine papermakers.
RAKUSHIKAN is a Kyoto paper shop that has grown from our desire to share with you the beauty and versatility of our own special world of fine paper. here we hope you will be able to explore this quiet world,discover its depth and charm,and join us in a discussion of the future of this versatile material.
At RAKUSIKAN,we offer you not only the finest paper available,but with it the tireless devotion of the finest master craftsmen in japan.

Yoshizo Uemura,Director

Japanese Paper Culture KYOTO RAKUSHIKAN
branch store
The Museum of Kyoto 1F
Sanjo-Takakura,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-8183 JAPAN
Telephone 075-251-0078 Fax 075-231-0130
Open:10:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.
Closed:Mondays of every week
(and the day after every National Holiday)
The Museum of Kyoto