kikaisuki washi

An indispensable part of everyday life.

KIKAI-SUKI-WASHI that has the look and feel of handmade paper is now available, thanks to the years of research and development that led to the perfection of machine called a TANMO-SHOSHIKI. Like Western paper, no mucilage is used in this process, but the quality of paper this machine produces is so refined, that it is often mistaken for handmade paper.

Of the many kinds of machine-made Japanese paper, some of the most widely used types include HOSHO-SHI, DANSHI, GASEN-SHI, SHOJI-GAMI, TORINOKO-GAMI, KAIRYO-SHI, SENKA-SHI, KYOKU-SHI, KOMA-GAMI, KOGEI- SHI, and others.

HOSHO-SHI, to describe just one, is used in all these different manners for a variety of different manners for a variety of different occasions:

  • As wrapping paper (KAKE-GAMI) for Japanese sweets, and as formal gift wrapping (NOSHI-GAMI) for packages
  • For letters of invitation, greetings, and for formal occasions, such as betrothal gift and certificates of merit
  • As talismans for temples and shrines, and for festival articles
  • For wood-block printing, and as decorated paper for ORIGAMI, or paper folding
  • For ink gainting, poetry writing, and calligraphy
  • For guest books and receipt books
  • For variety of labels and name plates
  • For chopstick wrappers, napkins, and other table decorations


Such a colorful delight for the eyes!

The vast majority of paper made today in Japan, over 22, 500,000tons of it, is Western style. No TORORO-AOI is used in the production of Western-style paper. It is made by a machine called a NAGAAMI-SYOUSHIKI, which has a longer screen than the type used for producing KIKAI-SUKI-WASHI. Colorful and versatile, Western-style paper now comes in almost limitless new varieties and forms. Here we offer you a wide array of colors and styles to add beauty to your every day life.

The principle attraction of Western-style paper lies in its ever-expanding range of colors and textures, providing, exciting new creative possibilities. Western-style paper made in Japan combines a Japanese sense of color with the increased versatility, made possible through modern technology. Both the beauty of our solid-colored papers, alone or in an endless variety of combinations, add charm and creativity to every aspect of our daily lives.

  • Embossed paper adds another dimension (that of textural depth) to the enjoyment of paper.
  • Specially-coated papers combine fine paper with a bright metallic finish that matches today's urban sense and creates a world of sparkle and glitter
  • Natural paper that displays the unique of only the finest natural materials are also available in our Western-style line
  • Tissue paper for gift wrapping is reminiscent of the thin colored paper baloons once popular among Japanese children. Though it looks fragile, it is surprisingly durable and versatile
  • Self-adhesive paper, the most playful and magical paper of all, offers endless possibilities for both hobbyists and professional designers. Try our "Super Bob" and "Art Drip" papers for some-thing new and different.


In our special stationery and gift corner, you’ll find a tasteful variety of paper products with a quality and character only found in the real thing. These products lend new from to traditionally beautiful papers, combining the best traditional craft with modern ideas and styles. Gifts, cards, and stationary to help you convey that special message from the heart.